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$231.16 per week

to approved purchasers 

Total repayments over 60 Months is $60101.82
Includes interest of $10111.82 calculated at 7.5%

This 2002 Bushtracker will impress you!

Australian Made, Heavy Duty, Off-Road Caravans Built to Last a Lifetime. Heavy Duty Caravans Built to Survive the Outback - This is the Ultimate Off-Road Caravan. Full & Compact Width. User Friendly Design and Ultimate Practicality, 



This Bushtracker van maintains a very spacious interior with timber cabinetry with a white ceiling.

Fitted into the interior is a large front bedroom with expansive storage, both in the cupboards and under the raised bed. Cafe seating for 4 is complemented with roof top air-conditioning, large windows and the kitchen, which is split across the rear and nearside walls provides extensive food preparation areas, full cooking facilities including an oven, sink and large refrigerator. The interior decor' is completed with new curtains throughout

The combination Shower toilet boasts plenty of room for the included shower, toilet basin and storage cupboards




The off road capability of the Bushtracker is second to none and comes with independent suspension on a heavy duty chassis. The dual Solar and triple AGM Battery system ensures you have abundant power for your off grid adventures


With windows on both sides of the bed and at the bedhead end, the bedroom is well ventilated and has plenty of natural light. The large mattress sits on a solid base that can be lifted to get to the large storage area underneath. Wardrobes and cupboards flank your bed with additional storage in cupboards at the end of the bed and also at the end of your bedroom.


Your entertaining pleasure is ensured with a Television complemented by a new King Jack aerial and signal finder and pioneer stereo.


Your outdoor comfort is enabled with the new Aussie Traveller awning and full annexe with antiflap kit and rafters
Setup with a 12V battery and full annexe you can stay off-grid and enjoy our natural wonders in comfort


ATM 3500KG

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